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Clear Choice Credit acquired by Advantage Credit, Inc.

After operating for over 23 years as one of the leading credit reporting companies in the industry, Clear Choice Credit was acquired by Advantage Credit, Inc. of Colorado in December of 2018.  

If you had an account with Clear Choice to pull credit online, you can go to Advantage Credit's website at to login and access your account.  

To contact the customer service at Advantage Credit, please call  800.670.7993.  

Companies who would like to sign up with Advantage Credit for credit reporting services, please email, or call 415.712.0257.  

Tenant Credit Checks

 We offer a quick, secure, and no costs tenant screening solution for landlords, property owners, realtors, and anyone who needs to run a credit and background check on their potential tenants.  

The fee is paid for by the applicant who is applying for the rental.  The tenant background check includes a Credit Report with score, an Eviction Report, and a Criminal Report for one low price.  It only takes a few minutes to receive the report.


There is no start-up fee or contracts. Take advantage of our free online rental application, online rent payments and other free property management tools for landlords and real estate agents. 

For more assistance on this service, please call 800.288.4757 option 7. 

To run a credit check on your potential applicant now, click here: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my credit profile come from?

From credit grantors, such as credit card companies, auto and home lenders and retailers.  Public Records, such as tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcy filings can also be obtained from court records.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a numerical representation of your statistical likelihood to repay credit that is extended to you. Scores can range from 150-950 depending on the type of score.  The credit score comes from a propriety model developed by Fair, Isaac & Company (FICO), and the three credit bureaus. The model takes all the detail account information from your report and processes it with different weights and scoring factors, resulting in the score.

What is calculated into a score?

Details such as on time and late payments, how late the payments are, how many accounts are open, the proportion of balances to credit limits on revolving accounts, whether there are collections, bankruptcies, judgments, liens and how new accounts are.  Your score is a “snapshot” at a specific moment. Your scores can change with new actions and with the passage of time. 

I obtained a copy of my credit report directly from the bureaus and the scores are different than the ones I got when I applied for a mortgage loan.  Why is that?

The scores on the credit report obtained by the bureaus contains consumer credit scores as opposed to mortgage credit scores obtained by your broker. Every industry (auto, mortgage, credit cards) use different score models to calculate scores, so within each industry your scores can vary. 

When do negative items drop off my credit?

Most negative items stay on your credit for 7-10 years before they are purged.  

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