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At Clear Choice Credit, our commitment is to provide world class service to our customers while utilizing the most advanced technology available in credit software.  Our staff is fully trained and certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and standing by to assist you with all your credit reporting needs.  Credit reports can be accessed online in seconds, and consist of data from all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).  When a report is ordered from our system, it goes through a sophisticated merging process to bring back the most updated data while filtering out duplicate and redundant information.  The result is a clean, easy to read credit report with the most updated and accurate information. 


Clear Choice Credit has a full line of products to service all types of companies.  Whether you’re a bank, a credit union, a mortgage or real estate company, a tenant or employment screening company, or in the judgment collections business, we can assist you. We also service individual landlords who want to do credit checks on prospective tenants. 


Our credit system is compatible with most loan origination programs, such as Calyx Point, Encompass, Byte, E-Magic, and many others.  Our reports are recognized and accepted by most lenders in the industry, which eliminates the need for lenders to pull their own reports.  As a result, our customers save money, and this prevents unnecessary credit pulls, which can lower the borrower’s credit scores. 


Our reports can be customized to your preference at no costs.  Our system is flexible enough for you to add a borrower to an existing credit report, remove a borrower, or swap the two borrowers, and still give you the ability to re-issue the report to the lender without having to pull a new report.  Again, saving you money and preserving the borrower’s credit scores.


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